DRIVE-BY-ART (Public Art in This Time of Social Distancing)
organized by Warren Neidich with locations across Long Island’s East End; May 9 through June 28, 2020

The installation consists of 65 metal folding chairs, each one hand-stenciled with dates relating to the COVID-19 quarantine that began in New York on March 15, 2020 and continued onward. Each chair is placed at a 6 ft distance from the others. As the days and dates pass and accumulate, they touch on aspects of our confusion and the altered sense of time and place we have experienced. Toward the end, the text is reduced to simply read Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday, a reflection on the sense of endless isolation within the pandemic response. In its entirety, the piece spans a length of 450 ft, ending just before the Atlantic shoreline in Wainscott, New York.

WHEN video documentation
(c) Studio Toni Ross
video editing Ivan Salcedo

“The conversations I had with viewers – each of us masked and talking at a distance – were remarkable. In a way, we have all been in a state of shock, seeking fellowship and an antidote, even for a moment, to the isolation and fear surrounding us. The interaction with the work provoked and intimacy and joy in the visceral experience of art that I will never forget.”

Toni Ross


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